Racks and Frames

Racks and Frames for High Density Cabling

These racks or frames are configured for routing both horizontal/backbone cabling and patch cords. They come with a comprehensive range of vertical channels and horizontal cable managers to route patch cords for a clean and professional installation. The rack versions can also be configured for cold/hot containments.

racks and frames

racks and frames

S-RACK for Cabling

S-RACK is the perfect solution for your cabling projects. Standard heights are 24, 42,47U and 52U on request, widths 600 or 800 and depths 600, 800, 1000 or 1200. S-RACK’s are delivered fully configured but can easily be disassembled.

We invite you to download the catalogue for an overview of all available accessories, such as vertical channels with fingers and horizontal managers.

Our Premium S-RACK INSTALLER 42U 800w x 800d is availabe fully configured and offered at a special price. We also offer a Basic installer rack from another manufacturer at a very attractive price.

W-RACK Wall Mounted

W-RACK wall mounted have a strong and smart design with pre-punched holes for fans and cable entry, reversible doors, easy access and natural airflow. One or two part Presto racks are extremely versatile for a wide range of applications and wherever full-size racks or cabinets are not required.

racks and frames

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