S4 Benelux will help you to select the right PDU and monitoring solution that manages power capacity, improves energy efficiency and reduces downtime.


Basic & Intelligent PDU’s

Intelligent PDU’s

Selecting a reliable and cost-effective Power Distribution Unit can be challenging.

S4 Benelux has more than 15 years’ experience in basic and intelligent PDU’s for racks and datacenters. We know the strengths and weaknesses of most PDU’s on the market. S4 Benelux will help you to select the right PDU and monitoring solution that manages power capacity, improves energy efficiency and reduces downtime.

We offer a full product line of 1 and 3 phase versions : ‘Basic’, ‘Input metered’, ‘Outputs metered’, ‘Outputs switched’ and ‘Outputs switched and metered’. From Server Technology, we offer  -48VDC ‘Switched’ versions.

Our specialists take into account important features as form factor, outlet type, outlet mix, outlet density, color coding, alternating phase, temperature rating, user interface, cord retention options, interoperability with management software, standard or latching relays, configuring procedures and much more.

S4 Benelux can help you with not only standardized out-of-the-box PDU’s but also tailor-made PDU’s.


Server Technology

Server Technology is a leading manufacturer of power distribution products for datacenters and telecommunication equipment. Latest innovations are HDOT (award winning high-density outlet technology), PRO2 (PDU uptime solution and the next evolution in PDU design) and SPM (award winning data center power management solution).


Schleifenbauer specializes in custom made PDU’s for datacenter and infrastructure applications. Best-in-class in assisting facilities and IT managers to build their premium, sustainable and easy to use power distribution system, by delivering no-compromise custom configured products and services.

Reliable & cost effective PDU’s! Customers choose the Enconnex high-quality PDUs because they are reliable and cost-effective. Enconnex PDUs are used in the largest hyper-scale, enterprise, data center, and network customer locations around the world.

Siemon intelligent Powermax PDU’s are available with varying degrees of monitoring and control to meet specific customer needs and preferences, including metered, monitored, smart, switched and fully managed PDUs for everything from simple device-level monitoring to full outlet-level monitoring, control and switching.


Basic PDU’s

ENSTO (PGEP) is the well known manufacturer of the high quality and reliable PULTI PDU’s. Since years the industry standard for basic and customized basic PDU’s.

PULTI covers a wide variety of electrical options, with or without protection and ranging from 10 to 63A in UTE, Schuko, IEC, NEMA, Swiss, Italian and mixed configurations. PULTI is available for horizontal (19″) or vertical applications.

Receptacles and rails are available in different colors.


Power Cables

A large selection of standard and custom-made power cables including C13, C14, C19, C20, C15, IEC Lock, V-Lock, P-Lock and many more. All cables with CE or UL label. Contact our sales department.


Desk PDU’s

Bachmann designs and builds modular PDU’s and aestetic solutions for integration or mounting on desks or conference tables. An extensive range of power and communcation modules are available to suit your specific needs.

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